E-MPS: the advantage of electronics when built into a submersible pump – Calpeda


Maximum programmability, accessibility to operation information and dedicated electronics are the main characteristics of this new family of close-coupled, multi-stage submersible pumps.

For domestic, civil and industrial use, the E-MPS submersible pumps are perfect for handling the water supply from wells, tanks or reservoirs, and for rainwater harvesting systems.

They have all the strong points of the MPS submersible pumps, for example their compactness or their special sturdiness guaranteed by the stainless steel external jacket, in addition to those of the e-idos line. The philosophy at the root of the product, in fact, is strong integration between the hydraulic, motor and electronic parts, making it a true pressurisation system that is easy to install and ready for use, studied and produced for optimal performances and maximum reliability for the end user.

Programmable pressurisation: attention to detail and dedicated electronics

The E-MPS pumps are equipped with an integrated pressure transducer that automatically controls starting/stopping. Pressurisation can be programmed thanks to a special and patented check valve that is already assembled internally, and through a pressure sensor, also already fitted. The perfectly integrated check valve and sensor, which do not require any additional elements for installation, are a guarantee of greater programming flexibility but also ensure fewer hydraulic losses than traditional systems.

Display studied for constant control and easy programming

With submersible pumps, which are often installed in places that are difficult to reach for the maintenance technician and the end user, the communication terminal is a fundamental aspect. The display of the E-MPS pump is conveniently positioned, making it easy to program and adjust the pressurisation thresholds. It also constantly communicates the operation data. The man-application interface makes it possible to verify that the pump is working normally, and also informs of delay situations if there is no liquid present – as can happen, for example, with water reservoirs – without confusing them with effective pump blocked alarms.

Motor and capacitor: a special configuration that combines duration with efficiency

A specific motor solution that guarantees low voltage at the capacitor heads was studied for this type of pump. Thanks to this lower level of stress, the capacitor life lengthens notably, eliminating the need for maintenance or repair, something that is extremely important in the case of submersible pumps. Replacement, in fact, requires not only taking the pump to the surface, but also intervening on the mechanical connections, and as such on their waterproofness. For the technological renewal of the motor, a choice was made to unite power with efficiency. Indeed, a very interesting efficiency level was reached without undermining the capacity of the starting torques. E-MPS pumps, in fact, guarantee an immediate 10% saving in energy consumption, an extremely interesting fact for a type of pump that is often used for consistent periods of time. Thinking about irrigation, for example, the savings in energy are evident.

A final detail: these pumps are programmed to start daily even if not used, so they send a signal only if they are not active. This is an important characteristic for submersible pumps, given that it means keeping the mechanical parts moving and guaranteeing circuit operation.