GQS 40: submersible pumps designed to mix performance with affordability – Calpeda


The range of Calpeda submersible pumps was recently increased to promptly answer the specific demands of the market.

The GQS family of immersion pumps for dirty water now includes the GQS 40 model which, alongside GQS 50, extends the range downwards.

GQS 40 came from the desire to create a product that would combine affordability with performance and reliability. The strong point of GQS 40 pumps is that they can still guarantee interesting performances even though they are less powerful – and, as a result, cheaper – than GQS 50 pumps.

Calpeda’s new immersion pumps: performance and affordability

A quick glance at the technical parameters makes it possible to highlight the optimal performances of the new GQS 40.

GQS 50 pumps have a head of between 8 and 15 m, a flow rate of 36 m3 and a G2 delivery port. GQS 40 pumps, instead, have a flow rate of 20 m3 and a G 1 ½ delivery port, but a head of 9.5 m, therefore in the GQS 50 range.

How was this result obtained? By working on the pump design, remodelling it to contain all the sizes and guarantee a high head at the same time.

The main construction characteristics of GQS 40 submersible pumps

In the same way as all the other GQS pumps, the new model has:

  • a double mechanical seal on the shaft with oil chamber in between for safely separating the motor from the water and for protecting against accidental dry running.
  • Triple impregnated dry windings for greater resistance to humidity.
  • Relief valve that allows the air to exit around the impeller and guarantees safe pump priming even after long periods of activity.
  • Free-flow impeller (vortex), particularly suitable for the passage of solid bodies, in this case up to 40 mm.

GQS 40 pumps are ideal for non-aggressive domestic and industrial waste water, for draining flooded areas or emptying tanks, for extracting water from ponds, streams, rainwater collection tanks, and for irrigation.